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DSST’S 17 Reasons to Save $17 in 2017

In the spirit of turning a new leaf, DSST is offering a $17 discount on any test through January 31, 2017. If that’s not enough to convince you to earn college credit for the knowledge you already have, perhaps our list of 17 reasons will.

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Community College Scholarships

Scholarships you can use toward your community college tuition fall into a couple of different categories. Fortunately, you search for and apply for them the same way you would any other scholarship. Your first step will depend on how far along you are in your education.

  • Current high school students should speak with their school’s guidance counselor as early in their application process as possible. Not only will they be able to give you advice and information you might not be aware of otherwise, but you’ll also be putting yourself on their radar. That way, you’ll be one of the first people they think of when new scholarship opportunities are announced.
  • Students returning to school – whether after spending time in the workforce, in the military, or raising a family – will do well to start by visiting the U.S. Department of Labor’s free scholarship search tool. You can search their website for opportunities based on your current education level, where you live, and a whole bunch of affiliations. (We’ll discuss these in a bit more detail in just a second.)

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8 Things That Cause College Stress (And How to Get Rid of It)

College can definitely be stressful. Below are some of the most common stressors, plus some ideas on how to deal with them.

1. I need to keep my grades up...

You’re at college to learn. Or maybe you have a scholarship that depends on you maintaining a certain GPA. And while it’s true that not every piece of knowledge you acquire will come from a professor during a lecture, you need and want to get good grades.

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Where to Score Great Back-to-School Discounts

College is expensive. And it’s not just tuition, either. Here, we’ll highlight a couple of other chances to make the most of being a student by focusing on back-to-school sales.

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13 Tips for Managing Student Finances

We all know that attending college is rarely cheap. In fact, with all the expected and unexpected expenses (recommended textbooks, class trips, etc.), being a student can feel like a real financial burden at times. However, do not fear – there are several ways that you can keep more money in your pocket while you’re working hard to get your degree. Below is a list of 13 things you can do to better manage your student finances and keep your accounts in check while pursuing your dreams!

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College Scholarships You Never Knew Existed

There are many scholarships that most students don’t even know exist. Here are 10 unique college scholarships worth looking into.

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Avoid Student Loan Debt with College Grants and Scholarships

Student loans aren’t the only way to pay for college. In addition to Federal Student Aid, there are scholarships and grants students can apply for.

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3 Things You Should Know About New Student Loans

How will student loan interest rates be affected by Congress’ newly passed legislation? Here are the top three things you need to know.

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Paying for College: The Costs Can Add Up

The national average cost of three college credit hours – traditionally a single course – is a whopping $750. For the approximate 120 credits it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree, most students face a total cost of $30,000 or more. Factor in other costs such as travel and books, and it’s no wonder so many students can’t pay for college on their own.

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