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Online Learning Growing for Traditional and Non-Traditional Students

Whether you’re a student taking the traditional path to getting your degree, or you’re an adult learner going back to school, you may have already been exposed to online learning.  Online learning, or E-learning, is the use of electronic media and information technology in education. 

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How to Prepare for DSST’s Public Speaking Exam

So you’re signed up and scheduled to take the DSST Public Speaking Exam…but you’ve never had to practice for an on oral test before! In fact, the thought of speaking in front of other people frightens you. Don’t be alarmed! As you start to warm up your voice, use these five public speaking tips to guide you towards oratory success.

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How to Study When You’re On the Go

Your exam date is approaching and you feel a rush of panic come over you. You know you are neither prepared nor ready to take the test. What should you do? Cramming for an exam over a short period of time can be detrimental to your performance. Although you may feel like you are learning a lot of information, your brain has no real time to process it all, resulting in a decreased ability to recall information during a timed test. Instead of subjecting yourself to this tactic, try to maximize small down times in your day by quizzing yourself. Here’s how you can study quickly while you’re on the go.

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