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Become a Fully Funded DSST Test Center


Increase Your Revenue By Becoming a DANTES Fully Funded DSST Test Center

DANTES Fully Funded sites are test centers that are reimbursed for eligible military members (first attempts at a DSST exam). Sites located within the United States are reimbursed $30 and sites located outside of the United States are reimbursed $35.

DANTES helps eligible military members and eligible spouses pursue their educational goals by funding DSST exams (first attempts only) at military bases and institutions across the country. By becoming a DANTES Fully Funded test center, you’ll be able to offer students all of the advantages of the DSST program — at no cost.

DANTES Fully Funded sites are test centers that agree to waive the sitting fee for eligible military candidates only, making the entire testing experience free for the candidate. When a site agrees to become fully funded, the site will be reimbursed $30 (or $35 if located outside of the U.S.) for each eligible military member. Prometric completes a reconciliation at months end to send funds electronically to your school.

Fully Funded test centers provide increased program availability and testing locations for test takers. There are no requirements above and beyond how you already operate as a DSST test center.

Getting Started is Simple

  1. Complete and submit the form below.
  2. You’ll receive a follow-up email from DSST, asking you to complete, sign and return three documents:
    • Contract addendum
    • W-9
    • Electronic funds transfer (EFT) form
  1. Once returned, we’ll finalize your Fully Funded site status — and you’ll be on your way to helping military members save time, save money, and graduate sooner!
Review the DSST Military Funding Guide for information on candidate eligibility

Exisiting DSST Test Centers DANTES Fully Funded Application

  • Contact Information:
  • Organizational Details:
  • If you do not currently deliver exams and are new to the DSST program please click on the following link for the proper application. http://getcollegecredit.com/testcenters/apply

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