DANTES Fully Funded Test Center

DANTES helps eligible military members and eligible spouses pursue their educational goals by funding DSST exams (first attempts only) at military bases and institutions across the country. By becoming a DANTES Fully Funded test center, you’ll be able to offer students all of the advantages of the DSST program – at no cost to them.
Take the first step in serving those who serve our country – become a DANTES Fully Funded test center today!

Become a DSST Test Center

Over 1,200 institutions worldwide benefit by delivering DSST exams to their student community. Take the time to see what it takes to be a DSST testing center, and begin testing in these few short steps. Click here for a printable full checklist>>

  1. Test Center Requirements

    Review and understand what it takes to become an authorized DSST test center. During this step, please verify that your site meets our minimum technical, facility, and staffing requirements. Review the Requirements »

  2. Apply

    Once you have reviewed the requirements, and have confirmed your site meets our minimum standards, please submit    an online application to begin the process of becoming an authorized DSST test center. Apply Today »

  3. Application Review

    Each application is reviewed by Prometric.

  4. Approval and Contract

    Once your application is approved, a Prometric representative will contact your site. You will be asked to review the contract in detail, fill out the necessary documentation, and return it upon completion.

  5. Test Center Set Up

    Once the contract has been approved, the DSST Site Readiness Team will work with your staff to complete the necessary installation steps, and ensure your personnel are certified to administer DSST exams.

Benefits of Delivering DSST Exams

Showcase your School to New Students

If you choose to open your testing center to the community, DSST examinations will bring test takers who are currently not students at your institution to your campus, allowing them to learn about your organization and staff.

Support Military Students – Promote DANTES-Funded Exams

DANTES helps eligible military members, veterans and their spouses pursue their educational goals by funding DSST exams (first attempts only) across the country. Broaden your reach to more students and increase your revenue by providing DSST exams to military eligible students – at no cost to them.

Prometric will compensate institutions, on a monthly basis, a DSST exam administration fee for all exams taken by DANTES-funded military and military-approved candidates.

Generate Additional Revenue for your School

Your testing center will become a revenue-generating department for your institution, as it will be up to you to decide if and how much you’d charge on administrative fees.

Set Your Own Testing Schedule

You have the ability to set your own testing schedule according to your own capacity and availability.

Fast and Easy Set Up

The internet-based testing platform is easy to proctor.  A simple implementation process is in place to set up the necessary software needed to launch the examination. Prometric will assist in the set up process to ensure your test center is up and running!

Free Software and Support

Prometric provides the necessary software to deliver DSST exams free of charge. There is no set up or renewal fees associated with delivering DSST exams at any time. Online technical support is available should there be any problems during exam delivery.

Test Center Requirements

Institutions that administer DSST must be accredited by a recognized national, regional, or a specialized accrediting agency. Corporations that administer the DSST will proctor the examinations through their Human Resources, Training Department, or Corporate College Program Office.

Workstation Requirements

  • Browsers: Internet Explorer (IE) v10+
  • Recommended Download Speed: 10Mbps
  • A constant high speed internet connection is required (Wi-Fi or hardwire). If a signal is interrupted and a test session ends prematurely, test takers can resume the exam session.

Verify System Requirements


Testing Room Requirements

  • Adequate spacing between workstations
  • Computers need to be arranged forward facing
  • Allow access to the test taker
  • Free from outside distractions
  • Must not contain items relating to testing material

Staff Requirements

  • Must be a member of the faculty, administrative, HR, or Training Department staff
  • Ensure examinations are delivered in a secure manner
  • Staff cannot partake in coaching activities specific to DSST questions
  • Complete training provided