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Score Reports and Transcripts


Score Reports

Score reports are sent to the school/institution you designated on test day. Your school/institution should receive your score report within 90 days of your test date. A delayed score may be the result of an incorrect institution code. If your score report is delayed, contact your school directly.

Verify Institution Codes


When to Contact the DSST Exam Team about Score Reports: 
          • You did not provide a school code when you registered your exam.
          • You would like a copy of your score report for your personal records.
          • You would like the scores of an exam that you had previously taken forwarded to another institution.

How to Contact the DSST Exam Team:

Phone:   1.877.471.9860




Order Transcripts Online Through Parchment

When to Order a Transcript:

Note: Transcripts will not be available for order until 3-5 business days following the test date.

          • Your school has requested an official sealed transcript of your DSST and CLEP exams.
          • You would like a copy of your transcript for your personal records.

How to Use the Parchment Online Ordering Service: 

        1. Register for or login to an existing account.
        2. Select your documents.
        3. Input your order details.
        4. Submit/pay for your transcript.
        5. Track your order.

Visit the Parchment Support Page for: 

          • FAQ
          • Instructions for downloading documents

For more details about Parchment online ordering service click here


Other Post Test Inquires

When to Contact the DSST Exam Team: 

          • Forgot/unkown username
          • Difficulty accessing your online exam profile
          • Military exam score is being held for payment
          • To request re-evaluation of the speech portion of the DSST Principles of Public Speaking

How to Contact the DSST Exam Team: 

Phone:   1.877.471.9860

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