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Before You Prepare for the Exam

Before you begin your exam preparation, speak with your school’s advising or admissions department about their credit awarding policy. Check if your school awards credit for DSST exams »

DSST Exam Preparation Resources

Online Test Prep Materials – Peterson’s

Peterson’s offers online practice materials for 30+ DSST exam titles.

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15% off for Military Service Members
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Petersons.com Peterson’s is an official DSST prep provider and provides monthly, unlimited access to test preparation for over 150 exams. Students get unlimited test prep for all of the exams they plan on taking, including 30+ DSST subject tests.

This plan allows for students to prep as fast as they must, or as slowly as they’d like. From in-depth courses to practice tests to videos and flashcards, Peterson’s offers a wide range of materials to fit your unique learning style. And with convenient, 24/7 online access, students can prep on the go…anywhere, anytime. Cancel anytime.

Peterson’s DSST App

Peterson’s DSST Mobile Prep App helps you study for these exams when you want, where you want. Get unlimited access to prep for multiple DSST subject tests. 24/7 online access, students can prep on the go…anywhere, anytime. Cancel anytime.

Available at the App Store and Google Play.

Online Test Prep Materials – DSSTPrep  

DSSTPrep offers online practice materials for many DSST exam titles.

20% off DSSTPrep for Military and Civilian College Students


DSSTPrep.com is a SpeedyPrep test prep product, and is proud to be an official and endorsed test prep provider for DSST and Prometric.  All test prep courses are reviewed regularly to ensure that they meet the standards set by DSST and Prometric.  In addition, all test prep material is developed by subject matter experts at the collegiate and/or AP instructor level.

Students will have access to all courses during their subscription.  You can study multiple courses at a time, and on any device.  You set your pace, and our system will tell you when you are ready to test.  Test with the confidence of a 96+% first time pass rate, covered by a 100% money back guarantee to pass … first time.  DSSTPrep online courses are designed to teach students the broad range of facts, vocabulary, concepts and process they need to know to pass their exam.

  • Progress bar demonstrates your growing mastery of the material
  • Flashcard system, videos and access to other educational resources provide various methods of study
  • 96+% first time pass rate
  • DSSTPrep Guarantee – students who complete a DSSTPrep course but do not pass their DSST exam will receive a subscription refund*
  • Study chat (Facebook) forums, and DSSTPrep online help.

*see DSSTPrep website for details


Online Test Prep Materials – EBSCO LearningExpress® 

Veterans, military service members and their families enjoy access to free DSST preparation materials in the EBSCO LearningExpress DoD Test Prep platform through the DoD MWR Digital Library.

EBSCO LearningExpress is an official DSST prep provider. EBSCO LearningExpress DoD Test Prep is an e-learning platform that includes full-length practice tests, comprehensive study guides, supporting materials and more for many popular DSST tests.

EBSCO LearningExpress offers:

  • Unlimited remote access
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Timed and untimed full-length practice tests
  • Instant, diagnostic test scoring
  • Detailed answer explanations
  • Online, printable, and mobile practice tests

Instructions to Access Your Resources

In addition, the free EBSCO LearningExpress Mobile App can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. (Requires DoD Test Prep account.)


Online Practice Exams – Prometric 

Prometric offers online practice exams for most exam titles. Prometric practice exams are offered on the internet-based platform in which the actual exam is administered.

Prometric Practice Tests

Prometric practice exams are designed to give students a “test drive” of the testing experience so that they know what to expect on test day. They do not contain current exam content and should not be viewed as a predictor of test outcome. Practice exams are approximately 50 questions each and available for most DSST exam titles.

How Do Students Take a Practice Exam?

  1. Click on the Prometric Practice Tests button.
  2. Choose your Practice exam title.
  3. Create/login to your account in the Practice Exam Portal.
  4. Confirm your test selection.
  5. Launch your test.

Prometric does not endorse any third-party test preparation material outside of the resources identified on this page.  Prometric is not responsible for test outcome.

Testing Accommodations

Prometric makes every effort to provide reasonable testing accommodations that enable all test takers to take examinations on a level playing field. The testing locations that Prometric partners with to deliver DSST exams, such as colleges and universities, play an active and significant role in determining whether and how requests for testing accommodations for students with special requirements are approved. Prometric works in partnership with these locations to ensure that test takers with unique needs have full access to the programs and services available to their non-disabled peers.

While requests for testing accommodations must be reasonable, approved (based upon appropriate documentation), and scheduled prior to a test taker appearing for an examination, we are committed to making sure that yest takers receive the appropriate accommodations to which they are entitled.

Please note that accommodations may vary by location. Prometric may also be required to work in conjunction with your testing location to provide approved accommodations.  To request a testing accommodation for your exam, please call 1-800-967-1139. Click here to review and complete the ADA packet >>

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